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Window Spring Balancer

Our Sash Support Balancers Replacements Provide Easy Installation !
 Makes Raising Or Lowering Your Windows Significantly Easier ! 
 Window spring balancer replacements are the perfect solution.
 A sash balance or sash support balance counterbalances the weight
of your sash window. Makes raising and lowering the window easy
 in addition to helping hold it in place when the window is open.
A channel balance, sometimes referred to as a side load or a block
and tackle balance, is a type of sash support balance.

We have included the most popular channel sash support balances
 available here for convenient online ordering. They are the most
common balancers utilized for (non-tilting) vinyl and aluminum single hung windows.

You will need the part number (usually stamped on the sheet metal
 housing of the balance) of your existing sash support balances.
Compare the top and bottom balance end brackets to the images
 below to determine the end bracket configuration. The two most
popular combinations are style "A" and style "B". There are subtle
 differences so it is important to compare your end brackets to our
 drawings carefully. A good example of this would be to look at the
 "A" style bottom end and compare that to the "B" style bottom and
 you will see tabs or wings on the "B" style that are not part of the "A" style end.

Each package includes the balancer, top and bottom end brackets
 (pre-attached) along with installation instructions. The part numbers
 are composed of your existing balance number and end style code.

When replacing a broken sash balance we recommend replacing both
sides at same time to insure synchronized counterbalance. Each order includes the all of the parts you will need for one side.


Sash Support Spring Balancer

Sash Support Spring Balancer

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