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Sentex Telephone Entry System SPECTRUM
Sentex Telephone Entry System SPECTRUM

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Sentex Telephone Entry System SPECTRUM
  • Full Duplex Communications The system boasts audio that is crisp and clear in even the most congested environments by employing echo cancellation technology. This technology prevents cross-talk between the speaker and the microphone and allows for higher volume levels.
  • Entry Codes Each resident or tenant can be assigned a 4-digit access code to unlock the gate or door. Additionally, 10 access codes are provided for vendors or management so the maximum capacity can be utilized for the tenants.
  • Long Distance and PBX Dialing Due to the amount of area codes in a single region, many areas are mandating a 10 or 11-digit dialing sequence. The Spectrum supports up to 11-digit dialing on a typical phone system and interfaces seamlessly to a PBX system where extensions are used. Extensions of up to 6 digits will be accepted by the system to connect to the appropriate voice mailbox.
  • Programmable Talk Time The time allotted for a visitor and tenant to talk is adjustable from 15 to 250 seconds.
  • Multiple Entry Allows 2 Spectrum units to be connected to a single phone line saving you cost of additional phone line charges.
  • Controllable System Relays Allows the main access and an auxiliary connection (a second gate or door) to be controlled, such as opened to let a visitor enter. The relays can be remotely managed from any remote touch-tone phone. The relays can be latched open or closed.
  • Programmable Relay Times The 2 relays can also be programmed to activate for a pre-determined time range of 1 to 63 seconds to allow visitor access.
  • Tone/Pulse Dialing Each system can be site-configured to operate on the two types of available phone lines.
  • Programming Methods The Spectrum supports programming via a standard touch-tone phone, the unit's 12-digit keypad and the Windows¨-based programming software "SVWin".
  • Programmable Relay Times The 2 relays can also be programmed to activate for a pre-determined time range of 1 to 63 seconds to allow visitor access.
  • Variable Directory Code Length The Spectrum Series will accept 1 to 4-digit directory code lengths so apartment or suite numbers can be matched, making it easier to locate the resident or tenant.
  • Internal Modem Provides the ability to program and control the Spectrum via a personal computer from any remote location using a standard phone line and PC modem.
  • Non-Volatile Memory In the event power is removed from the unit, the database information will be retained in memory allowing immediate start-up and operation when power is restored.
  • Lightning Protection Physical inputs and telephone line connections contain some protection against typical voltage spikes, such as phone line variances and lightning. However, in an area where lightning is prevalent, external surge suppressors should also be used to minimize damage to the unit.
  • Postal Lock Provision Spectrum units support a switch kit that integrates with a U.S. Postal Service Lock. This allows postal carriers entry to a controlled area using a U.S. Postal Service Key. The postal lock is proprietary to the U.S. Postal Service and is acquired through them.

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