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Double Screen Kits Up To 96"
Double Screen Kits Up To 96\"


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Double Screen Kits Up To 96"

 Screens Kits for Double Hinged Doors Up To 96 Inches








•  Warranty
A one-year warranty on the screen and a lifetime warranty on all non-screen parts.
 •  Retractable Screens
Retractable Screens that virtually disappear when not in use!.
 •  Recess Mount Design
A unique screen system that is small and specifically designed to rest on the surface or in the recess area of any door where they remain virtually unnoticeable.
 •  Safety Design
The screen expands upon impact preventing damaged screens or personal injury.
 •  Optional Built-in Hydraulic Dampener
Smooth, easy retraction, no slamming of the screen if accidentally released.
Double doors with two retractable Screens require two dampeners.
 •  Optional Sill Guard
Protects bottom rail and provides a smoother threshold transition.
Available in bronze or mill finish.

 •  Low Maintenance
When not in use the screens are protected from dirt, ultra violet light and inclement weather. No more removing and storing of screens in winter!
 •  Powder Coated Finish
A better, long lasting appearance.
 •  Adjustable Handle Heights
Easy opening for both children and adults of any height.
 •  Flexibility of Sizes
Custom sizing takes mere moments.
 •  Top & Bottom Insert Piling
Thick insect pile keeps the bugs out!
 •  Stainless Steel Spring
Withstands even the most extreme weather conditions.
 •  Full Length Rust-Proof Magnetic Seal
Provides a complete, secure seal from top to bottom. No gaps.
 •  No Lubrication Required
Screen simply glides within the rails. No wheels or rollers to replace or lubricate.
 •  Do-It-Yourself
Retractable screens can be easily cut to fit and installed on site by an accomplished Do-It-Yourselfer. To order a pre-cut and partially assembled Glide Screen Kit please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-888-219-8387
 •  Quick-Fit-Kits
This option includes assembly of the screen at our factory and will minimize the on-site installation process.



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